PureBioenergy™​ Healing  
Cathy Addessi

 PureBioenergy™​ Healing  


Cathy Addessi


PureBioenergy™ Healing can affect change in a person's health and well-being by interacting with their bio-energy field, or "bio-field".  

Balancing a person's bio-energy field can help to promote self-healing.

How can PureBioenergy™ help you? ​

PureBioenergy™ Healing works for ​children and pets too! ​​​ 

REAL help for kids of all ages 

Video  Stories 

What will be the next medical breakthrough?  ​

Many say it will be energy field healing!  

​"Everything emerges from and returns to a fundamental field of information that connects us all."  "Nassim Haramein"

Some testimonials:
"I wanted to update you on my BioEnergy healing effects. I have had no trouble whatsoever with my hip and back. I feel much better. Thank you very much". Joan K

​I just wanted to let you know that the past 4-5 days I have felt WONDERFUL...I think partially due to the attention you paid to my energy. I've been less tired, and just have had an overall feeling of calm/happiness. 

Thanks again. Carol K.

“I wanted to let you know this helped my breathing a lot.”  Jackie C.

For More Information: 

Please call or text 

Cell: 412-889-1496

Email: caddessi@comcast.net 

Thank you so much for spending some time on this website. It is definitely a work in progress, as I continue to learn and grow. I am so very grateful for the people in my life that have continued to inspire and encourage me to follow my heart.

Please check back for updates. 

If you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact me. 

With warmth and gratitude,